Temacapulín and El Zapotillo dam

Temacapulín is a small town located at Los Altos de Jalisco, an area with a high rate of migration, in which a significant portion of income comes from remittances sent from the United States. In 2005, Francisco Ramirez Acuña, ex governor of Jalisco, announced the construction of El Zapotillo dam at the basin of Rio Verde (100 kilometers from Guadalajara, Jalisco’s capital). The official version appealed to the need for water and energy of various municipalities in the region, although it was to benefit private interests linked to the industry of Guanajuato.

Faced with the threat of seeing his people submerged low waters of the dam, residents and supporters organized an intense mobilization against water project. Since then, despite repeatedly announced misleadingly the cancellation of the dam, the campaign to evict settlers has been intensified and several families have left their homes.

Since January 2013, Israel and Diego Martinez, along with their collaborators Javier Audirac, Paulina Ascencio, Nelly Carrillo and Alejandro Gallo, have made several trips to generate a sound archive of Temacapulín to preserve the town’s acoustic memory and, at the same time, to give context to the issues affecting the town. This archive is split into various projects; many of them are still in process.


Temacapulín. Sounds of resistance.
Exhibit @ MUPAG 2015


Temacapulín. A flooding project.
Exhibit @ Ex Teresa Arte Actual