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Nada volverá a ser igual - Jalisco's hardcore - punk scene register

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Jalisco's hardcore - punk scene register
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After several year digitizing demos, rehearsals, concerts and some vinyl as well as compiling images, flyers and other memorabilia, we finally offer you the vastest document about Jalisco's hardcore-punk scene (the first on its type in Mexico) since its very beginning until mid nineties. Includes Israel Martínez, Germán Hernández and Horacio Espinosa texts, files from several contributors and music by Sedición, Atheos, Sin Razón Zoocial, Empirismo, Diluidos en el Sistema, Garigoles, Tried, Fallas del Sistema, among others. This document is essential to get to know a generation that broke into a very conservator society.

Download here Part A

Download here Part B