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Carmina Escobar - En el espacio del cuerpo

Carmina Escobar

One of the most vital experimental musicians from Mexico is Carmina Escobar, who through her voice and technological tools has explored a wide range of contemporary music and improvisation.

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KOMMODOR - Siametric


Second work by synth-pop duo Kommodor. Following the path started in "airepolar" (Suplex 2012) subtle atmospheres frame electronic melodies and slightly processed vocals, while the continuous pulse invites us to move our body at the same time our mind recreates countless images. Airy!

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Huixtralizer - Memento mori


New release of this young Mexican experimental musician, focused again in the creation of robust atmospheres, but this time the electronic timbres share the space with several field recordings and digital processes emphasized in some pieces. Almost forty minutes of introspection and aural pleasure.

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Julio Cárdenas - Espectros de la Guerra Fría

Julio Cardenas

In Mexico, the seemingly simple act of making experimental music carries a significant political weight, having a strong media and government influence towards a popular culture that aims community lobotomy.

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Los Nuevos Maevans

Los nuevos maevans

Los Nuevos Maevans are a key group for understanding the roots of Mexican nihilistic punk movement which subsequently led to scenes like crust or pornocore; no leaving aside, of course, a political activism committed to a variety of causes, and many that they don't even know.

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Miss Yenny Tails - Lamentos

Miss Yenny Tails

Through minimalist sounds that progressively interweave, Miss Yenny Tails reflects about mourning and both individual and collective mechanisms to cross the pain that comes with loss. A fine and immersive work, with great acoustic development. A good reason to stop the time and listen.

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