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Israel Martínez & Various Artists - In Memoriam

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ISRAEL MARTÍNEZ & Various Artists
In Memoriam
Suplex 21

With the participation of: Francisco López, BJ Nilsen, Murcof, Janek Schaefer, Rogelio Sosa, Manrico Montero, Iris Garrelfs, Philippe Petit, Lumen lab, Alvaro Ruiz, Nicolas Wiese, Simon Whetam and Huixtralizer.

In Memoriam is a work created specially for the exhibition Fragmented, held in June 2012 at The Tin Tabernacle, London. Based on his experience strolling throughout the eccentric cemetery Jardines del Humaya, located in Culiacan (Mexico), Martinez captures shocking messages that relatives and friends leave to their dead printed on canvas.

This second phase of the project was built with input from various artists and now we invite you to place the audio in your portable player to listen, preferably, on headphones while walking through a park, garden or any space that encourages introspection, recreating the feeling to transit Jardines del Humaya.

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