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Malafama - Bala perdida


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Malafama - La fakin actitud


Energy and exploration are two important words to describe it. A powerful album to be listened in transit through the city, drinking beer with colleagues and, of course, in a live session, sharing all the rage and frankness that distinguishes to MalaFama.

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Yair López-Primitivo branquiado

yair lopez

Over nearly thirty minutes, the duo Muz Muz drives us through thick atmospheric scapes that lead to strident sections and, suddenly, to the stillness: the seemingly static, tiny. A punctual piece of acoustic enjoyment, of power and stealth.

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Israel Martínez - 26 clásicos en 1

israel martinez

The pirate copy of the pirate copy. 26 songs from the golden age of Mexican popular music are merge to create a great track, transforming the original pieces in a hypnotic wave of ambient and noise. Only 50 numbered copies.

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