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Bicephalo - XxYyZz


Bicephalo is an electronic music project created by the visual artists Gabriel Rico and Edgar Cobián in the city of Guadalajara a few years ago. XxYyZz is its third record and includes collaborations by Ana Paula Santana, Andrés Aguilar aka Primitivo, Norberto Miranda aka Norbeister, and Rodrigo Vargas aka Dfender. An atmospheric, floating and dislocating work.

In August 2017 Gabriel Rico and Edgar Cobián were invited to an artistic residence at Laboratorio Sensorial, an important bastion for sonic exploration and contemporary art in Guadalajara. The four tracks that make up this EP are the result of long collaborative sessions with Santana, Aguilar, Miranda and Vargas, strolling the paths of improvisation and investigating the same acoustic territory that the Laboratorio Sensorial represents.

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